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Van Den Briele was taken over and merged into the Democo Group from Hasselt in 1982. The takeover fitted within the philosophy of the general contractor Democo to allow it to offer the broadest possible service package to its customers.

As a wholly independent entity Van Den Briele developed into an expert in industrial installations and public works and expanded its sphere of activity from HVAC, sanitary, sprinklers to piping, both for private and public sector and private individuals.

The quality delivered and promptness of execution ensures that Van Den Briele built up a strong reputation. The number of customers grew steadily which means that good references can be shown in numerous sectors.

A good training of our staff and customer-oriented attitude ensure that we deliver quality products. With an ISO 9001 (quality) and VCA (safety) certification and class 7 recognitions for HVAC and class 6 for SANITARY Van Den Briele guarantees a top quality and reputable execution of its projects.

Good quality and service gives the greatest return both for you and us.